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The Food dye GOLD Glitter Canteen

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Grocery glitter powder -GOLD

Package contents: 2.5 g

Ingredients: E555,E171,E172

For surface decoration of pies, cakes, chocolate, pralin, marzipan, decoration, etc.

Very easy to use, just apply to painted surface using a brush, spray "pstrykając" brush with dye or gently blows a dye is placed on the tip of a knife.

Dyes for hand decoration, can be applied to a transparent mass (gel) and non-transparent, for example, weight, candy, marzipan, chocolate.

Of dyes, Pearl powder, you can perform the case of the food industry, adding an item into the water with alcohol or a transparent glaze.

Dyes and containers have certificates that we send upon request.

Country of origin: Germany

Product code:213.2

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