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Raymond SAS copper Lap product: kid's Music, 4CD - children 0-3 years

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Music Collection Of The Child

3 first albums of the series "Baby on mayovka"

The only music to be absorbed through the younger generation

Raymond SAS copper product Lap, the composer of Lovely Baby, released in Poland under the name of kid's Music, has created music that teaches. Composer for several years observed and studied the children's reactions to music and sound. No other record had passed many trials and difficulties, as it is enthusiastically received throughout the world series.

What distinguishes the music of Raymond paw?

A series of kid's Music is created specifically for children. Many appeared in the world of realization, which are called "music for children" was created for purely commercial reasons, without examining their impact on children.


In his compositions Raymond SAS copper product Lap have combined the sounds of nature, the babble and laughter of a child with a variety of musical styles, melodies, rhythms and also you enjoy vocal.Child słuchające this music is calm and cheerful, much faster calms down and falls asleep easier.Listening to music on the child and stimulates his mental development, through the rapid development of the functions of the right hemisphere of the brain responsible for creative thinking. Finally, thanks to the Music child's guardians, have more free time.

For whom?

Kid's music was created for kids from 3 to 36 months, because, as studies have shown that musical education of the child begins in the prenatal stage. The baby is in the womb, like a sponge chłonąca information and their surrounding sounds.Music Lapa also provides therapeutic effects for children with disabilities or suffering from various congenital malformations, regardless of their age.

How to listen to music with the kids?

1. Baby Maevka

1. What does the water[3:31]

2. Birds, forest and child[5:08]

3. Over the sea[3:52]

4. New sounds[4:59]

5. What a wonderful world around[4:26]

6. In the countryside[2:53]

7. Birds fly to sleep[3:25]

8. Chlupiemy[5:19]

9. Forest usypianka[4:54]

10. Ocean, child, and sleep[4:15]

2. Music CD 1 Child

1. The First Own Song[4:23]

2. Favorite reggae[3:22]

3. Questions and answers[4:31]

4. The first time I hear the sea[5:50]

5. Baby loves the Blues[3:51]

6. Melodic meeting[5:36]

7. Smile[3:05]

8. The first improvisation[4:43]

9. Forest lullaby[4:55]

3. Music CD 2 children

1. Bobasi Blues[2:47]

2. I sing, I sing singing[4:33]

3. Swim dance[2:33]

4. Birds, forest, baby[5:08]

5. Śmiesznostki[1:53]

6. Kid sings a song[5:28]

7. Toddler loves toys[3:25]

8. Na-na-na[3:37]

9. The child goes, the child says[6:33]

10. The smell of the sea[4:14]

4. Music CD 3 Child

1. Dear Mama[3:29]

2. O. K.[4:16]

3. Play[3:17]

4. Dad[4:08]

5. For Mom[2:42]

6. This one for me[4:14]

7. I sing[3:01]

8. Smile through tears[4:23]

9. Next to his beloved Mom[3:30]

10. I go to sleep[4:55]

Publisher: Islet Music

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