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Pump lift TUCHOLA 28l/min Ursus C-330 C-328

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Geometric volume: 18 cm3/ Rev.

Capacity: 28 l/min (1600.)

Direction of rotation: left

Speed of rotation: 800 - 2500 rpm./minutes

Nominal pressure: 10 MPa

Maximum pressure: 12 MPa

Country of origin: Poland


C-328, C-330, C 330M

Manufacturer: Tuchola Hylmet

Hydraulic pumps high performance and

pressure, are designed for tractors where

installed additional devices managed

hydraulically, for example, Thor, Cyclops, etc. Reinforced

performance and higher pressure will increase

the efficiency of Your device.

Water pump reinforced 30/42/37-129/2/HYLMET


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