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Paul Domagala: 1984 (musicians) [CD]

Artist: Paul Domagala

The list of songs

  • 1. Radom
  • 2. Halfway
  • 3. Take don't ask
  • 4. I Wystarczę
  • 5. Sometimes
  • 6. Promise
  • 7. Don't forget me
  • 8. Most
  • 9. The man who was Thursday
  • 10. Don't remind me
  • 11. I go
  • 12. Fat Angel


"1984" this is my second stove. I approach it more personally than in the first. It will be a lot of self-reflection and return to childhood. This whole "follow me" for a long time. Except I'm the kind of person I wanted to be ? What would I tell myself if we met today. Or do they find out ? Or dokonałbym today, these elections, you will find all that they did ? And what if not ? Well, in General, such questions :) Probably a typical crisis 35 years :) All in different contexts. The material we have everything ready :) the music Producer and co-author, of course, will Bow Borowiecki because someone else :) For me it's a very touching topic, and personal stories, thoughts? Lot gave it to me, and I hope that at least for some of You it will be just as important and inspiring. Thank You very much and happy listening. Paul, see you somewhere in Poland :)

The condition of the product

The product is ORIGINAL. Plate is brand NEW. (if necessary, protect the drive from falling out film factory varies)

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