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Oxygen concentrator 525KS DEVIBILIS-NEW WARRANTY

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Our hub is not a Chinese fake, which other companies offer!!!

Oxygen concentrator 525KS network of branches is a device intended for carrying out the oxygen therapy at home and hospital. Oxygen concentrator 525KS network of branches continuously produces oxygen by separating the oxygen contained in the atmospheric air for nitrogen. Operation of the oxygen concentrator does not have any influence on the content of oxygen in the air in the room in which the device operates.

Hub servo, replaced all the filters. In the kit You get the oxygen concentrator complete with mask or nasal kaniulami according to your desire.

Oxygen concentrator 525KS network of branches has a built-in level indicator of oxygen concentration.

3 months warranty


1. We also provide post-warranty service

2. Unlike other sellers offering the same model of hub used a filter that makes sure the hub is much quieter (photo below). Most sellers use the cheapest Chinese-made filter. The filter in our koncentratorach - German production, and even looks different than the Chinese competitors.

3. The most important is the customer satisfaction.


- high steżenie (93%) of oxygen in all flow range

- adjustable oxygen flow of 0.5 L/min -5 L/min.

- light, weight 16,3 kg

- standard sensor "OSD" to control the concentration of oxygen

- visual and audible warning for low oxygen concentration, power failure, low pressure and the required device website

- mounted wheel suspension and comfortable handle ułatwiajace moving hub

- power switch with the function "reset" the device

counter hours of operation

- in a standard complete set the system to automatically reduce the amount of energy consumed at a flow rate of less than 2 L/min.

- silent operation of the device comparable to the "babbling"

- access to a PC or Laptop computer ułatwiajace diagnose problems with the device

Technical data:

- weight of 16.3 kg

- dimensions: 62 cm x 34 cm 30 cm

- consumption of 0,5 – 5 L/min.

- steżenie oxygen 93 % (±3 %)

- voltage 220-240 V (50 Hz)

- power consumption for the 290 (at a flow of 2 L/min). 312 In (at a flow of 5 L/min).

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