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Lullaby of Auschwitz Mario Escobar

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Lullaby of Auschwitz

Author: Mario Escobar

Publisher: Women's

Binding: soft wings

Number of pages: 240

Dimensions: 13.5x20.5 cm

Graduation year: 2019

EAN: 9788366134836

A touching story of resilience, hope and strength in one of the worst periods in the history of the world

Germany, 1943. Helene Hannemann wakes their children, so they began to get ready for school. Her husband, Johann recently lost his job and has no chances for new due to his Roma origin. However, before the family Hannemann will start another day, their daily life interrupted the police sent the SS.

Johann along with pięciorgiem children should be moved to Auschwitz, because in their veins flows the blood of the Roma. Helen is a full-blooded German, and, may be, and despite it voluntarily decides to leave home along with friends and family. All fall into Nazi concentration camps.

Johann is separated from the rest of the family, and Helen as a trained nurse will be assigned to Dr. Mengele to conduct a camp garden. Has no illusions about the cruel intentions of this man. Wants, but to give those little innocent creatures at least a particle of hope and a sense of normality.

Inspired by the life of Helen Hannemann a story about a heroic woman whose courage and love covered the worst darkness of history.

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