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Liquid OptiFree 355ml + Container of 25.99 RUB.

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Liquid OptiFree 355ml+ container

Product description:

OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® Multi-Purpose Ddisinfecting Solution (MPDS) is a multifunctional fluid for soft contact lenses, containing POLYQUAD® and ALDOX® ingredients that destroy harmful microorganisms, but they are harmless for the eyes. Also contains citrate, which removes protein deposits during storage of the lenses. OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS provides long wearing comfort the lenses and for sensitive eyes. Moisturizes lenses, removing minor irritations and discomfort encountered while wearing them. When using OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS do not need to use for lenses additional cleaning products and cosmetic procedures, if the ophthalmologist is not appointed otherwise. OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS: disinfects, cleans, washes, moisturizes and stores all soft contact lenses. OOPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS idle in the cache, isotonic aqueous solution containing sodium chloride, sorbitol, salt highest EDTA, boric acid, aminoetylopropanol, citrates and poloksaminę as cleansing ingredients; POLYQUAD® (polidronium chloride) 0,001% and ALDOX® (miristoamidopropylodimetyloamina) of 0.0005%.

The liquid contains container lenses.

OPTI-FREE® Express® MPDS lasting comfort and cleaning without rubbing

The liquid contains container lenses.

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