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LAMINARKA Verotech A4 laminator FREE FILM

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A laminator for laminating A4 documents and smaller size + 30 free foil:

included 30 pieces of foil for FREE

  • 10x A4 80 mic
  • 10x A5 80 mic
  • 10x size wizytówkowy 80 mic

brand laminator Verotech

Laminator brand VeroTechoferuje two types of lamination laminate both hot and cold. Maximum format that can be used for laminating A4, film thickness: 125 mic. The device is simple and intuitive to use and works with a high speed of 250 mm/min.

Product features:

  • modern design
  • solidly made
  • simple, intuitive controls
  • maximum laminating format: A4 (also less)
  • type of lamination: hot and cold
  • maximum thickness of lamination film: 125 mic.
  • the gap input: 230 mm
  • based on the two heating rollers (hot Shoe)
  • laminating speed: 250 mm/min (very fast)
  • warm-up time: 3-5 minutes (at the time of final heating, the green lamp lights up, informing about the readiness for work)
  • energy consumption: 280 W


Paper is fragile stuff, but, despite this, is a most widely used storage medium, so it needs to look good. Using laminację you can preserve and protect important documents, enrich advertising materials to protect and enhance a book cover or cover editions. Laminating protects against water, dirt, grease, and abrasion of the seal, but also emphasizes colors in printed materials. Therefore, we present laminator brand VeroTech is designed both for office and home. It's simple, and at the same time safe to use laminated documents in A4 format or smaller. Offers two types of lamination - hot and cold. Device perfectly protects your documents with a layer of special protective film. With it zalaminujesz not only paper, but also business cards, photos or other valuable Souvenirs. Laminator brand VeroTech quickly reaches operating temperature, using modern technology of heating rollers. At the time of final heating, with lights located on the body, the green indicator. Reports on the readiness of the device to work.

- dimensions: 346 x 143 x 63 mm

- weight: 1.13 kg

product code: VL-540___SET_10A4_10A5_10CRED

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