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Himalajska salt 1kg SMALL PINK 100% GENUINE

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Himalajska salt fine 1kg

100% nature, no additives.

When we talk about himalajskiej of salt, we mean only a certain type of crystal salt, the "original" obtained from one place in the Himalayas, in the Eastern zone of the Karakoram in Pakistan. This salt was the subject of comprehensive medical research, described in the book "Water & Salt - The Essence of Life" - Dr. Barbara Hendel doctor and Peter Ferreira - Biophysics. Salt himalajska is the healthiest and purest salt available on earth. Millions of years ago solar power dried up the sea, and formed salt deposits. This kind of salt crystals are entirely clean and natural, as the historical primary of the ocean. This natural crystal salt has been millions of years were exposed to tremendous pressure, which caused the formation of salt crystals. The higher the pressure, the more perfect structure, therefore, the crystals stones are the most perfect geometric structure.

Crystal salt "flows" in transparent, whitish, różowawych and czerwonawych brilliant veins of the mountains, salt and kristallizuetsya in areas where the necessary pressure has built this perfect structure of salt crystals. The more geometrically perfect crystal in the form of a cube, the greater the amount of information in the same way as in the case of diamond. In crystal salt, the elements are available in such tiny particles that they can be easily absorbed into the cells of the human body and undergoes a process of metabolism. Salt crystal, in its perfect form, from a geological point of view, also called halitem. Earlier this salt is called "salt king", as was intended for Royal families. Ordinary citizens only got rock salt.


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  • Bag contains 1 kg Himalayan salt fine.

Method of storage:

  • Store in a dry and cool place, inaccessible to children.


  • salt himalajska

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