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DRIED dates pitted 1kg naturally SWEET

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Dried dates 1kg

100% natural,without additives,

high quality !

The product is packaged in a packaging of type "doypack" that tries to convince me that allows you to keep the freshness long as such packaging is to repeatedly open and close, and the package - durable - important when transporting.


Very cute, soft, dried fruit, which in the t-zone (and taste !) remind chocolates. Contain a large number of salicylanów, serving also popular aspirynie. They are filled with vitamins A, C, E and some b vitamins, and folic acid.

Dried dates are ideal as a replacement for sweets, especially important for children who should not be littered with empty calories. Adding figs to your morning cereal or milk, effectively osłodzimy the rest of the day. Dates replace the sugarto make them sweet sauce (rozgotowując them in a small amount of water and Jay until the consistency of the sauce), where osłodzimy, such as cookies.


  • In its sole discretion.


  • Bag contains 1 kg of dried dates.

Method of storage:

  • Store in a dry and cool place, inaccessible to children.


  • dried dates

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