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Dawid Podsiadło: Parochial [CD]


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By: David Podsiadlo

The list of songs

  • 1. Cantate Tutti
  • 2. Denim
  • 3. Parochial
  • 4. The last clip
  • 5. Trophies
  • 6. There are no waves
  • 7. Fox
  • 8. What are we talking about?
  • 9. Not fangs
  • 10. Matilda


An old proverb says that from the summit all roads lead downwards. But although the fall of 2016 Dawid Podsiadło was on top, with two diamond disks in the asset, with all the car awards and wyprzedaną great route, " and never thought to go down. Made myself a couple of months break from the scene to come up with yourself again.

Although the Golden rule says that the winning team, no changes, Podsiadło refused this time-cooperation with Bogdan Kondrackim, producer of his previous records. He risked, but he entrusted their fate in the hands of another eminent expert Bartosz Dziedzic is, because of the success of albums "Grand" Monica Brodki and "I'm made up of continuous repetitions" Artura Rojka.

Gentlemen, have not tried, however, to repeat those decisions, also decided to leave the previous poprockowym the character of the music of David.

- "In the beginning of our cooperation Bartek said that he would like to make a punching plate. He argued that the more surprising is, if I make a few memorable songs than if I had tried force in alternative music. I also thought to make a good Popova fees much more of a challenge, and I wanted to meet him," says the singer.

Released in anticipation of the holidays single "Shtetl" was proof that to seek David and Bardou go in a good way. Dynamic, dance - today we already know that hit Polish 2018, did not say, however, about the new material. All plates, which gave the name, not because it is so intense, though, and prevail in her expressive rhythms and timbres of the synths, often quite surprising. The vocals are varied, but complete freedom, I hear that their artist plays the music.

Surprise may be the fact that David Podsiadło for the first time sang all the stove Polish.

"I promised myself some time ago, and although I had moments of doubt, I managed to overcome them," he admits - "Today I can say that I am one of those texts is really pleased."

"Provincial" Podsiadło touches on a difficult topic - "from problems with communications links, through the dark side of fame, after finding the strength and courage - but delivers them in a brilliant and appropriate to themselves the specific humor."

"Shtetl" is a billet that no one after David had not expected this, but it was expected of him - because if not he needs to raise the bar even higher, who is this?

The condition of the product

The product is ORIGINAL. Plate is brand NEW. (if necessary, protect the drive from falling out film factory varies)

Department: CD

Packaging: super jewel case

The number of carriers: [1xCD]

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