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Cases string bags 70x100 mm a100 STRONG

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Bags with zipper Qty in pack Premium

50 %, roughly speaking, a film from the standard packages

- Thickness 45 we

- Box of 100

- size is measured in clasp string

Used for packing various kinds of small items, materials, bulk, jewelry, spices, herbs, papers. The advantage of this type of packaging is convenient string closure that allows repeated closing and opening of bolls. In addition, I have convex red strap to facilitate opening and closing, and at the top of the hole .

The bags are made of highly rare species of transparent tough film.

In our assortment You will find about 50 packet size string

Sizes of string bags on our auctions

width mm x height mm

40x60 50x70 60x80 70x100 80x120 80x180 90 x 200 100x100 100x120 100x150 100x200 120x180

140x150 150x220 150x200 150x250 150x300 160x160 160x220 170x230 190x250 200x300 200x400

215x300 220x280 230x320 200x250 250x300 250x350 300x400 350x450 450x500 550x550

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