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Bacticid AF Spray 1L Disinfection of Surfaces Promo

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Bacticid AF 1L liquid for disinfection of surfaces spray

Bacticid it is completely odorless drug based alcohol, which has a wide spectrum of action. The drug is intended for quick disinfection of small and hard-to-reach surfaces and medical devices. The product is ready for use – do not dilute.


-Liquid does not cause irritation of the respiratory tract

-Has wide spectrum of action and a short exposure time – 30 seconds

-Kills fungi and viruses within 30 seconds

-Destroys bacteria, such as Gram-positive and gram-negative (including Mycobacterium terrae Mycobacterium),

-Kills viruses, such as HBV, HIV, HCV, Smallpox, Herpes simplex, Adeno, Rota)

-After application, leaves no spots, stains,

-Very easy access to hard to reach places

-The product does not contain aldehydes

-Liquid can be used for surfaces having contact with food

-Odorless liquid

-The drug can be used for all surfaces resistant to alcohols

CE marking in accordance with Directive on medical devices (MDD).

Method of application:

Spray dezynfekowaną surface. You can also disinfect the surface using a dampened cloth, then allow to dry. For disinfection, the surface should be completely coated. The effect will be get in 30 seconds. Surface disinfection should be carried out regularly.


Ethanol 72%,

pH 6.5 - 7.5

Packaging 1 litre spray


The substance is flammable.

Keep away from fire!

Do not store near open flames and hot surfaces.

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