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Army Imperial Knights a rich set of

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I have to offer a full army of Imperial Knights, along with various additives. Sell all that in the photos. Thus, at the beginning of the four Imperial Knights production GW. The two bought separately, and two taken from the game "RENEGADE Imperial Knights", which is also part of the offer, together with all elements except the cubes. All the buildings, rules, etc. they complete. Another model Cerastus Knight - Atropos. The model used is resinous purchased on Allegro. The kit includes textbooks in the previous edition WH 40000 and previous codes in the army of Imperial Knights. Additionally selling a set of Sector Imperialis for stands (some elements of the system will be used on stands selling models). Four cars stuck and zapotkładowane. fifth do not stick to the end. All sold models have moving elements, such as the shoulders, head and arms. Models are so stuck together that you can rotate the body of the machine, and, in addition, there is the possibility of replacing the shoulders with the arms and replacing the arms on the upper Board (mount magnet). The set also includes extra box (resin) parts for guns that will allow bonding of additional shoulders with other equipment, change weapons on the upper shield or transformation glued machines. In addition, the elements should give a resinous glue is still the model of a Knight. With the option "Buy it Now" with free shipping.

Highly recommend to all fans of Warhammer 40,000.

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