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A call pictures 100 PCs 10x15 print

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A call pictures 100 PCs 10x15 print

100 photos in 10x15 format

Mat or gloss

with white frame or without

free automatic color correction of images

free removal of " red eye

a special system to transfer files

without installing

quickly and efficiently

This Offer is for those who like to have the best possible quality, but appreciates also your wallet.

For those who value memories.

Important technical information:

-Full paper

if the aspect ratio of the file differs from the format of the paper (2:3 for zdjęcia10x15) it will poobcinane

-Full frame-

pomniejszymi file, keeping its proportions, but then we will have a white stripe in the picture.

Very important Software to download files shows, or something from a file using the selected settings will be cropped or proportion file the ideal.

In the program choose a free that the photo must be in color, black-and-white or Sepia tones.

Shipping address please enter the details of the order when sending photos.

These invoices also are You faithful in your order, uploading files.

Once downloaded as many files as you want. We know how tiring and troublesome this division of the file for example, packages of 100.

We you downloaded once even 1000 files and more.Your files are very secure and are deleted after completion.

After purchase I will send to facilitate precise instructions step by step, together with a small video showing what to do.

A call pictures 100 PCs 10x15 print

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